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The CAMINMAC ("Activities for the development and dissemination of a network of signposted trails, in line with the principles of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas") project is part of the MAC Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

The project responds to the need to strengthen economic and business networks through exchanges and internationalization.

It improves the network of trails for tourist use, from a safety and conservation standpoint, driving socioeconomic development by strengthening sustainable ecotourism activities around them.


More specifically, it aims to:
  • Identify the risks and establish a method to evaluate and define preventive and remedial measures. All natural and historic sites on the network of trails will be identified and published.
  • Encourage sustainable tourism within the Nature Preserves, and make it known throughout the business community, to promote the creation of new services related to sustainable tourism and ecotourism products.
  • Build collaborative synergies, in order to transfer knowledge gained to the participating countries and serve as pilot experiences for other European destinations.

The geographical areas covered by the project are the islands of Tenerife, Madeira and Cape Verde.

The total approved budget for the project is 238.797,89 € of which 192.829,30 € are provided by ERDF funds. Its deadline ends December 31, 2015


VENTE: Visor de Equipamientos en la naturaleza de Tenerife

A tool that allows you to view the official facilities and nature routes in Tenerife

Discover it here


The entities involved in this project wish for the results to generate a push in both job creation and entrepreneurship, specifically in the conservation and ecotourism sectors. This will be achieved by forging a closer integration between the available land resources and tourism. All this following criteria for sustainable tourism, and with an aim to help promote synergies and collaborations between different business sectors as well as the creation of new products focused on ecotourism and / or sustainability.

As the CAMINMAC is a participatory process between different administrations and institutions with expertise in security, conservation of natural areas and tourism, as well as the active participation of the business community, it will guarantee this project and its results over time.

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video presentation of the project summary

Counselors conference table Tourism and Environment of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife

Colloquium developed within the program of the final day of Caminmac Project

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