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Who are we?


The Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal was founded on the 20th of January,1836

It was not until 1976 that this association became known as the "Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal" (ACIF), due to industrial growth in the region´s economy

In 1985, given its contribution to promoting business activities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM), it was declared a Public Utility Institution and, in 1992, also became Madeira´s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIM).

On March 31, 2005, the ACIF-CCIM and Regional Government jointly founded the Agency for the Promotion of the Autonomous Region of Madeira - APM.

Today, the ACIF-CCIM is a non-profit, private legal entity and, as a business association, represents companies operating in the RAM´s Trade and Services, and Industry and Tourism sectors, and has over 1,000 associated companies (72.5% in the Trade and Services sector, 11.5% in the Industrial sector and 16% in the Tourism Sector) As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry´s responsibilities grow, it engages in more and more issues throughout the region


Interest in and contribution to the Project


Develop training and spread information about ecotourism in Madeira by raising awareness of its positive environmental and socio-economic impact.

Identify tourist activities compatible with sustainable development.

Disseminate, with the relevant selected entities, and provide a manual of best practices for sustainable / eco tourism services, with an aim to encourage the creation of quality tourism products related to the network of trails and forest roads in the region.

Create a plan to promote best environmental practices through: websites, social networking and promotional material.