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Activity 1


Identification and characterization of hazards on trails and definition of corrective and preventive measures to increase the safety of users as well as the development of a protocol and spatial database for integrating emergency services platforms. This includes:

  • Risk identification and characterization of the trails in Tenerife. ADVANCE 2014
  • Defining corrective and preventive measures. ADVANCE 2014
  • Establish a protocol and a reference manual to reduce the risks. 2015
  • Develop a spatial database of hazardous trails. ADVANCE 2014
  • Incorporate equipment database to the Mapping Viewer of Tenerife (VENTE)

Activity 2


Improving the facilities and environment by identifying and selecting points of interest (natural, cultural, ethnographic, etc.), as well as its dissemination. The following will be carried out:

  • Inventory of natural, cultural and ethnographic points of interest in and around outdoor routes and trails in Tenerife. 2015
  • Develop a spatial database of points of interest. ADVANCE 2014
  • Incorporate the points of interest database to Mapping Viewer of Tenerife (VENTE)

Activity 3


Training and information activities related to ecotourism that foster environmental and socioeconomic awareness, as well as the potential for tourism in preserved areas. Business people and technicians from participating territories are included in this project that focuses on:

  • Training Workshop for business people on the generation of tourism products and sustainable initiatives
  • Training Workshop for technicians to promote environmental tourism through tourism-specific services
  • Conference on the successful case studies and best practices

Activity 4


Identifying tourist businesses that are compatible with sustainable development, defining the criteria for the development of these activities with ecotourism quality standards. The following will be carried out:

  • Inventory / database of companies and activities / sustainable services in and around the network of trails. ADVANCE 2014
  • Development of a manual that defines the criteria that must be met by these companies from an ecotourism perspective. 2015
  • Development of a spatial database of business activities that meet the criteria. 2015
  • Incorporate the tourist activities database to Mapping Viewer of Tenerife (VENTE).

Activity 5


Informing selected businesses of the contents of the best practices manual for sustainable tourism services and / or ecotourism. This will encourage the creation of quality tourism products related to the network of forest trails

With this we wish to energize and educate the piloted business sector which operates around the signposted trails, in order to reach an agreement on the criteria to be met in the manual and, ultimately, generate compliance with these criteria in a broad spectrum of companies, especially those related to forest trails related to the territorial scope chosen.

What we are aiming to achieve is a participatory methodology where the business community commits to meeting a number of requirements that promote their services, offer a high quality and begin their transformation into sustainable and / or ecotourism services.


Activity 6


Project management and coordination. This involves executing the following tasks:

  • Monitoring and coordination of the partnership
  • Technical and financial aid. This means guiding both the Lead Partner and the project partners around the project ́s financial circuit and meeting the milestones and commitments established within the Program
  • Expense approval and refunding management
  • Financial closure of the project

Activity 7


The study of measures to promote and preserve the environment and public facilities, such as the trails, as well as the development of mechanisms that contribute to and support the local economy, all stemming from new experiences and successes.

The idea is to hold meetings with local stakeholders and highlight successful case studies in the public-private co-management of natural spaces and equipment amoxicilline sans ordonnance. Also to discuss possible self-sustainable and innovative management methods that could be piloted in the participating territories. The conclusions will be presented at a conference that will inform partners of the plan, including the third country partner.


Activity 8


A plan for the development and promotion of best environmental practices and quality tourism through different offline and online channels (social networks, websites, promotional material).

Aside from this, a communication plan will be drafted for the partners involved and related to tourism products and services that have begun their transformation into ecotourism and sustainable tourism. This plan will focus on dissemination through conventional off line and on line channels.