Parque nacional del teide

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Parque Nacional del Teide


The General Directorate of Nature Conservation is a beneficiary partner in this European project entitled "Actions for the development and dissemination of a network of marked trails, consistent with the principles of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas (CAMINMAC) (code MAC / 3 / C226) ". This Directorate General reports to the Department of the Environment, part of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Sustainability of the Government of the Canary Islands. This project aims to increase the value of a network of trails, as an engine of ecotourism and sustainable activities.

The Directorate General of Environmental Protection, in addition to its general functions, oversaw the functions of the General Directors of the now extinct Directorate General for Environmental Quality and the Natural Environment. The Directorate General for the environment, i viagra sale uk.e. the Protection of Nature, is the body responsible for granting authorizations, concessions, allocations and land use that involve National Parks, as well as its day to day administration and management, including the centers, infrastructure and facilities associated with them. It is, therefore, the administrative unit that handles the daily management of the Teide National Park, whose paths are included in the afore-­‐mentioned European project.

The project is attractive in that it implements a software tool which highlights trails, pointing out high risk areas, points of interest and services associated with them. It is worth noting that the Teide National Park, the most visited protected natural area in Europe (over 3 million visitors per year), has an extensive network of trails, specifically 37, and is over 162 kilometers long