SPET, Turismo de Tenerife

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SPET, Turismo de Tenerife


SPET, Turismo de Tenerife aims to promote and boost the island as a tourist destination.

By uniting various public authorities and the private sector, we have created a solid network allowing us to develop and strengthen the planning for more effective tourism strategies.

The SPET, Turismo de Tenerife, is Tenerife´s tourism management body and whose functions focus on three main areas: Tourism, Destination Performance and Economic Development http://viagraindian.com/products/cialis-soft/. Its strategy, established for the period 2012-­‐2015, set out 11 targets in line with those set forth by the European Union, with regards to the competitiveness of the European tourism industry, and linked to its sustainability, quality of tourist destinations, the influence of the natural and cultural environment, and integration into the local community.

The main goal we want to accomplish with this project is to equip and adapt, from a tourist perspective, the environmental management tool that is already operational on the island cialis super active online.

To do this, the island's network of trails must be associated to services and sustainable tourism activities that add value to the resource.